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The Best Brunch in Berlin Is from Tel Aviv | Extra Crispy

It took eight years for Berliners to get brunch right, and even then, they needed a little help from Israel.

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National Geographic

The Contentious History of the Passport

The concept of a worldwide passport standard is relatively new, created in the aftermath of the First World War.

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Elite Daily

If The AHCA Becomes Law, I Can’t Move Back To The United States

When the results came in on Election Night and the map filled with that awful, glaring red, my husband and I knew we’d been right not to move back.

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Marriott Traveler

Currywurst and Beyond: Classic Berlin Eats and Where to Find Them

Many of Berlin’s best new restaurants skew international, but the city’s home-grown delicacies still fuel most of the population: low-budget, tasty, snacks-as-meals that cost only a few Euros but keep you going for hours.

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Marriott Traveler

Urban Decay: Industrial Ruins to Explore (Legally) in and Around Berlin

Berlin’s really glamming it up these days, but many still believe you haven’t really “done” the city unless you’ve come home with a camera full of #ruinporn — photos of industrial, urban decay.

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How Berlin Got Its First Jewish Food Festival

Nosh Berlin brought together well-known Jewish chefs, historians, and food bloggers to create a celebration of global Jewish cuisine that could not have happened anywhere else.

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Where to Stay in Berlin

Navigating the city's stylish hotel scene.

In a city well known for its postwar grit, Berlin’s hotels are surprisingly elegant, upscale, and contemporary.

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In Berlin, Cycling Lessons Help Newly Arrived Refugees Gain Confidence Navigating the City

In Berlin, a group has made it their mission to help newcomers settle in, then get around.

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Condé Nast Traveler

Why a Visit to Berlin Should Include a Day Trip to Potsdam

As the country retreat for generations of Prussian kings, the opulent palaces of Sanssouci are some of Germany’s most evocative architecture.

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Preserved Lemons are Magic

It took me far too long to realize just how many of my problems could be solved by preserved lemons. I live in Germany, where finding fresh veggies (and people who appreciate and know how to cook them) isn’t exactly easy.

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Where to Drink in Berlin

The German capital offers far more than beer halls.

Berlin bar-hoppers aren’t just out for a pilsner or a hefeweizen in shabby surroundings anymore.

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Yes Magazine

Advising My Laid-Off Mom About Freelance Work

The economy has changed from many single-track, steady careers into workers who thrive on one-off gigs and “projects.” But when you’re over 60 and overqualified, how do you find a job?

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Where to Eat in Berlin

The best places to sample Berlin’s German and international cuisine.

A decade ago, Berlin wasn’t even a blip on the world's culinary radar, making its foodie transformation in the last few years all the more wondrous.

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Auf Wiedersehen, Bowie

The German capital says goodbye to one of its adopted “heroes”

BERLIN — On a damp, grey January around noon, a line is forming in front of a columned stone building south of Potsdamer Platz. Young bearded men chat in Spanish behind two middle aged German women rolling cigarettes.

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Where to Go Wine Tasting in Germany's Mosel Valley

Germans are beer-lovers, right? Well, that’s only half the story. There are parts of Germany that are just as zealous about their wine–you just might not have heard of them.