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Thank God Summer Is Finally Over

We’d been carrying the bulbous glass bottle all over town for what seemed like hours, looking for the perfect stoop or bench. For my friend, this marked the end of one phase of life and the beginning of another: she was about to finish graduate school...

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When Breakfast Becomes Dinner and Then Breakfast Again

Germans don’t do extravagance. They don’t go in for excess. So when invited into a German’s home for breakfast, it may come as a shock to see the entire table covered, without an inch to spare.

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Espresso and a Biscuit Leaves Much to be Desired

Butter Biscuits in Perugia I woke up on the first morning of my three-week visit to Perugia to find my boyfriend hovering over me, a cup of espresso in one hand, a dry, crumbly butter biscuit in the other. “Darling, I’ve brought you breakfast,” he said. That’s when I knew...